Sliceform: squares

design: George Hart

sliceform squares

Some important remarks before you start:

The squares are flat. You bend them temporarily when the ball put together, but ultimately they are flat.
If you put 2 squares together, you see the two square shapes.
The moment you slide in the third square, you can see all three square shapes.
Each square is merged with four squares of different colors. A blue square, for example, never gets another blue square.

Look closely: there are 2 long and 2 short slots in each square.

You should always have a long slot in a shortslide slot.

We start:

Step 1:

Cut 30 squares accurately. Precisely cut the slots in the squares.
Do not try to save time by putting a few sheets on top of each other, because that's not accurate!

Step 2:

Slide 2 squares of two different colors together.
(You always need a long slot in a short slide slot!)

Step 3:
Grab a third square and slide it on.

Step 4:
a fourth square and slide it on.

Step 5:

Grab a fifth square and slide it on.

Step 6:
Slide the fifth square in the first square, creating a closed circle.

Step 7:
If you carefully lift the form and look closely you'll see a star shape.

Do you see a crooked form, then you have not the rightt number of squares!

Step 8:

We will now build the outside ....

We are going to put the blue square in the yellow and orange part.....

Now slide your second corner of the blue square in the yellow square.

Slide the blue square with caution in the other two squares.

Look if all the corners of the square are visible!

step 9:
Note that any square is adjacent to 4 squares with different colors!
Do you not know what color you should join? Take a quick look on the inside of your sphere. There you can see that the colors are evenly spaced.

Last step:
There is one hole where your last square must meet with four other squares. Try all four squares at a time, little by little.

A schematic to build after the star shape:

The pattern