What's on this site?

This is a site about making beautiful things with paper.
I hope you will see  objects that will wonder and inspire you. Try to make them yourselves!!!
For this site I combined my love for beautiful paper creations with photos I made myself,
I made the creations myself. I used patterns by many designers.

Origamic Archictecture:

pop-up churchpop-up oraclepop-up christmas treepop-up beachcartpop-up taj mahal
pop-up templepop-up foreswtpop-up sunflowerpop-up jasminepop-up waterlily
pop-up horsespop-up little birdpop-up mousepop-up parkingplacepop-up decahedron
pop-up castlepop-up catpop-up mazepop-up globepoop-up flowers
crystalcard octahedronpop-up casahira chruchpop-up butterflyturning globepop-up ferris wheel
pop-up fishpop-up ramin razaniramin razanirelativitypop-up tulip
pop-up ramin razanipop-up arc de triomphpop-up big arc de triompheiffel towerpop-up cards




sphere 94moving cubes


partyhatcookie cutterswanpeacockswan
kantenmodulshamscaled octahedronorigami fractaldouble star flexicube
magic roseflexiballmoving lizardchines fishreversible cube
twisting towerflower balldurianflowered sonobetransforming star
bulldogmennorode starkitestarsiix point module
blubble dropceles 90celes 90celes 240ciclone kusudama

stadiumsliceform diamondsliceform tree of lifesliceform chrysanthemum
sliceform dancing fishsliceform growing crystalsliceform the world withinsliceform holy fire
sliceform squares george hartsliceform topsy turvysliceform topsy turvysliceform combined shapessliceform ferry go round
sliceform castlesliceform snow flakesliceform trianglessliceform pentagonssliceform decagon
sliceform hexagonsliceform decagramsliceform pentagramsliceform weddingcakesliceform torus
sliceform flowerballsliceform benchsliceform candywrap


automaton clownsautomaton swanautomaton pie factoryautomaton feeding time at the zooautomaton mermaid
automaton tigerjumping frogjumping dragonjumping rabbitflying duck
racing carrhinofobotmonsterboxcooking rabbitswinging clown
dancing dollrolling dogrolling the reelsclown on a bikesnapper
pop-up petsoctopusdragonflypeak a bearwild wild west
automaton woodpeckertea serving robotsanta clausautomatonmoving card
automaton elephantautomaton chickentulip cardwarning air pocketsfurry rice thumper


pop-up galleonpop-up flowerdragon illusionchristmas starsyoshimoto cube
flip bookchristmas starshermes bagsmagic walletdeventer op stelten
paper garlandsbookbindingfloating flowerscalender
cardboard bowlmoving snakealphabetflying rocket
wovien basketwoven basketmonsterspaper weaving15 great circles
papercraft t-rex



My son's work (dutchpaperboy/dutchpaperson):

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