Materials Required

• Printed copy of the template: pattern
• Scissors
• Glue stick
• 10 minutes of free time.

First you need to decide which of the templates you would like to use. The template on the left will result in a flexagon with six unique patterns while the right will give only three.
The model I am demonstrating is made from the template on the left.

Once the template has been cut out, crease along all the diagonals and along the centre.

Once the template has been creased this should be the result.


Turn the template over to the non coloured side for the next step.
Add glue along the small side and fold in half along the centre line.

Fold the left side under to create a mountain fold between the blue and red triangles.

Fold under again between the blue and red triangles. This creates another mountain fold. Let the single layer flap sit on top of the existing paper.

Now glue the two single layer flaps together to enclose all the uncoloured paper.

Congratulations you’ve just made your very first flexagon!

source: http://www.thepeaceofpaper.com/

pattern 2
pattern 3