Amazing Paper

Linda van Breemen

I'm building a new website!!!


This site is fully operational half april...

(The one you are looking at will disappear)

english site

nederlandse site


This is a site about making beautiful things with paper:
origami architecture, origami, sliceforms, pop-up cards, knotology, flexagons, modular origami, ....
I hope you will see things that will inspire you to give it a try yourselves.
For this site I combined my love for beautiful paper creations with photos I made myselves.

The creations you can see are made by me. 
The designs are by: Masahiro Chatani, Keiko Nakazawa, Marivi, Baud & Bui,
Sakyo K., Darren, George Hart, Clark Britton, Roger Pattenden, Tiny van der Plas,

Ramin Razani,  Kenneth Kawamu, Carmen Sprung, Mio Tsugawa, Laura Azcoaga, Victoria Babinsky and many others...